Cutter - Toyo Pistol grip
Weller  / Hakko Soldering Iron and
Running Pliers
Fan Out II lead cutter                                     
Breaking or Grozing Pliers  
Flux   (gel)  
Sal Ammoniac Bar (cleaning Iron Tip)                
Project Brush
Flux  paste (tip cleaning)
Flux Brush  
Solder 60/40
$17.00  This price changes without notice!
Horseshoe nails (20)
Foil Shears
Glue Stick
Foil 7/32 Copper Backed
Foil 7/32 Black Backed
Grinding Stone
Glass cleaner/polisher   
Inland Wiz CG Grinder                                     
$164.95  (1/8 head included) Wizard +$100.00
Table top Foiler w/cutter
Grinder Cookie                                
Kwik-Clean 16oz
Black  Patina
Copper Patina
Introduction to Stained Glass (Book)
Total Supplies
Introduction to Stained Glass (Book)  FREE
Less in store purchase of Kit   10%
Total Kit Price
$551.63 + TAX w/ Wizard $641.63

* price subject to change without notice.
The Wizard is our Best Grinder It has a 1"
head compared to the Wiz with a 3/4" Head
Stained Glass Tool Kits:
Our Good Kit   *  ( Great starter kit, Just the basics)
Our Better Kit ** (Includes a grinder)
Our Best Kit  *** (includes grinder, stand, and foiler)

Fused Glass Tool Kits:
Our Good Fusing Kit
Our Better Fusing Kit
Our Best Fusing Kit
Wizard Upgrade
Soldering Iron Type
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Our Best Kit  includes a Grinder and Table Top Foiler