Basic Cutter, Pencil
Basic Cutter, Pistol Grip
Running Pliers
Mosaic Nippers
Breaking or Grozing Pliers  
200 Grit Diamond Pad
400 Grit Diamond Pad
Total Supplies
Less in store purchase of Morton Mini-Surface Plus   
Total Kit Price
$107.55 + TAX

* price subject to change without notice.

Stained Glass Tool Kits:
Our Good Kit   *  (Great starter kit, Just the basics)
Our Better Kit ** (Includes a grinder)
Our Best Kit  *** (Includes grinder, stand, and foiler)

Fused Glass Tool Kits:
Our Good Fusing Kit   
Our Better Fusing Kit  
Our Best Fusing Kit   
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Better Fusing Kit
Add a Morton Min-Surface Plus to any fusing kit and receive 10% off the price!