Cutter - Pistol grip (Cheap)
$21.00        Add a Quality Toyo for $17.75 more
Weller or Heiko  Soldering Iron and stand kit
Running Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Breaking or Grozing Pliers  
Flux   (gel)  
Flux  paste (tip cleaning)
Flux Brush  
Solder 60/40
$17.00  This price changes without notice!
Horseshoe nails (10)  $.12 each
Foil Shears
Glue Stick
Foil 7/32
Grinding Stone
Introduction to Stained Glass (Book)
Total Supplies
Introduction to Stained Glass (Book)  FREE
Less in store purchase of Kit   10%
Total Kit Price
$ 221.76+ TAX    or   $237.74 +TAX

* price subject to change without notice.

Stained Glass Tool Kits:
Our Good Kit   *  ( Great starter kit, Just the basics)
Our Better Kit ** (Includes a grinder)
Our Best Kit  *** (includes grinder, stand, and foiler)

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Our Good Fusing Kit
Our Better Fusing Kit
Our Best Fusing Kit
We Recommend a Toyo Glass Cutter
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Good Tool Kit - Great starter kit, Just the basics