Ed's Emporium is offering Basic and Intermediate / Advanced level Stained Glass classes. Basic is for the
beginner or if you just want more time to practice. Intermediate is taken after Basic and teaches pattern drawing &
MORE! Advanced will give you studio time at only $10.00 per night. You must have completed the intermediate
class, and there must be studio space available.

Basic Stained Glass 101 class meets every Thursday Night or every other Saturday afternoon, unless I have a
full studio.  Call to verify availability. Tool rental available, $5.00 per week (Rent to Own) Class times are 6:30pm –
8:30pm(Thurs) and 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm(Sat) and the curriculum lasts for 3-6 weeks. NOTE: It will be mandatory to
start the basic stained glass class with a basic cutting class, and then with the basic stained glass class that will
only last for 6 weeks now(Thursdays) or 3 weeks(Saturdays).

1 - two hour
Cutting Skills Workshop 101 - $30.00 - this includes all the glass for practice. This class is also
open to fusers that want to learn to cut glass.

5 - two hour
Basic Stained Glass 101 classes(Thurs.) OR 3-three hour Basic Stained Glass 101 classes(every
other Sat.) - $140.00 This includes a $25 credit for glass, and all lead and framing needed for this class. You will
also receive 15% off any regular stock glass while enrolled. Tools are extra and can be rented or purchased

Intermediate / Advanced Stained Glass class meets every Wednesday night, unless I have a full studio.  Call
to verify availability and scheduled class dates. Class times are 6:30pm – 8:30pm and the curriculum lasts for 5

5 - two hour
Intermediate Stained Glass classes - $100.00 (you must purchase your own supplies for your

Lead Classes - 2 times a year          

5- two and a half hour Leaded Stained Glass classes – $130.00. Wednesday night, from 6:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
This will include all lead and framing for 3 projects.

We have a limited amount of space and can only accommodate 6 students. Payment is required to hold
a spot in a class. Please see our
policy page regarding our Refund policy.   

Contact Eric to schedule a class.
15% off Glass when taking our Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Leaded classes!

Missed classes can be made up for $12.50 per hour at instructors convenience.
We will accept Cash or Checks for class payment. Sorry, but credit cards require a 4% surcharge.  We do accept
credit cards for tools.
WE NO LONGER ACCEPT DISCOVER CARD. Sorry for any inconvenience
WE RENT TOOLS (To be used in class room) Rent to Own! $30.00. Credit will be given on purchase of a full

Each kit also includes “Introduction to Stained Glass”  -  a $16.95 Freebie! This book contains more practice
projects & patterns for you to do.

Basic Stained Glass Supplies needed:   (We have kits with everything you need)
Glass Cutter       
Soldering Iron.
Running Pliers                                        
Breaking or Grozing Pliers Side
Cutting Pliers                     
Flux  Gel                                             
Flux  paste (tip cleaning)                        
Flux Brush                                                 
Solder 60/40                                         
Horseshoe nails (10)                               
Foil Shears                                               
Glue Stick                                                   
Foil 7/32                                                  
Grinding Stone (After the first class you will be able to use our grinders.)
Misc Items needed:
Small baby food jar for flux,
Safety glasses (
Black Sharpie marker
Small pair of scissors to cut foil
Metal can with sand or rocks to place hot soldering iron in when leaving class
Small hammer (we do sell a lead hammer that can be purchased for $12.50)
Needed by 3rd class. (And needed for all Intermediate classes)  
Home Depot or Lowe’s, get the following:
1-18” X 24” plywood ½ to ¾” for a project board. Don’t get thin wood it will warp.
2 wooden yard sticks or small wood trim for use as a border on project board.  
Small trim nails                       

Purchase the supplies as a kit from us and you will receive a 10% DISCOUNT.

We have 3 tool kits that we sell for our basic stained glass class:

Our Good Kit   *  ( Great starter kit, Just the basics)
Our Better Kit ** (Includes a grinder)
Our Best Kit  *** (includes grinder, stand, and foiler)

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